House of Bliss


House of Bliss is a beauty salon focused on beauty & wellness. Here you can go for a total beauty concept. With many years of work experience, Khadija is the right person to let all customers go home satisfied. During her stay in Belgium and during her work on various large cruise ships she gained a lot of experience. Before you can work on English or American cruise ships you must first follow the Beauty College in London because they work there in their own way. During this training she gained a lot of experience in the field of beauty and put it directly into practice at “sea”!

For this concept Ive tried to translate her Arabic roots into a logo. I designed a window, symbolic for access and first introduction to her company, it also refers to the old Arabic bathhouses (hammam). I chose the color purple because it is associated with luxury, style and wealth. Its a color that is seen as spiritual. The color purple is uplifting and calming. I combined it with pink, the colour that gives you the feeling of energy. It inspires confidence and is considered youthful, fun, and exciting.

Client House of Bliss
Category Branding

Year 2015